Jason Swigart, Owner, Pacific Northwest Construction, LLC
Jason Swigart, Owner, Pacific Northwest Construction, LLC

Jason Swigart, President of Pacific Northwest Construction, LLC has over 18 years of experience in the construction industry. He has completed various commercial, agricultural,  and residential stock and custom-design pole barns, numerous home remodeling projects, and complete new home designs. He holds commercial and residential general contractor licenses  in Oregon (CCB #152924) and has established bonding and insurance  to handle any size project.

Jason holds an Associates Degree in Computer Science and has project management experience with large organizations which have given him a solid knowledge base for managing projects, people and resources.

Jason works closely, and always establishes rapport, with commercial and residential owners bringing his projects in on time and within budget. With his keen eye for utility and pleasing cosmetics he assists in the development process while meeting building and permitting code requirements. Jason works extensively with his team to ensure quality control measures are followed and that safety and compliance are priorities. His home remodeling experience has provided him with a unique eye for consistency, style and utility.

Jason Swigart is a result oriented visionary who is respected in the industry for his honesty, integrity and thoroughness.  His high energy and exemplary communication skills stand him apart from the rest, with every project a focus for success.

Pacific Northwest Construction LLC is a member of an organization called the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Frame Builders Association. This organization consists of building professionals who are dedicated to providing the latest technology and architectural design available in the Post Frame industry.