Before you start planning your building project, you should contact your local building department to obtain the correct information regarding legal requirements, building regulations, and required permits. In many cases, permits and information are available online.

An excellent place to get started is at the consumer website, Permits Protect. The organization is a collaborative effort between Oregon state and local government and the construction industry. The program is designed to raise awareness about the role and importance of building permits as well as conducting properly permitted home improvements or other projects.

Permits Protect also serves as a valuable resource for homeowners, contractor, and building department officials by serving as a central location for a wide range of helpful permit and building related information.

If you do not know who is your local building department, use the comprehensive Search Tool on the State of Oregon website. You may type in a city and /or zip, select by county, select by jurisdiction (mainly cities and towns), or enter your complete property address. The tool returns the correct building department, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and a wealth of helpful information.

The following items should be addressed when planning your project:

  • Ground Snow Load for your building site (in pounds per square foot).
  • Wind Shear (3-Second Gust) for your building site in MPH.
  • Wind Exposure for your location (A, B, C, or D).
  • Seismic Zone for your location (2B, 3, D-1).
  • Setback Requirements from your property line in feet (from Street, Side Yard, Rear, Existing Structures, Septic Tanks).
  • Location of Your Septic System if you are not on a city sewer system.
  • Location of the Driveway to your new building will need to be determined before you can apply for a permit. (If you are not using an existing driveway you will have to have your new one engineered.)

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Free Pole Building Worksheet and Guide

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