Do you want a new kitchen? How about new granite counter tops or even new cabinets? Do you have a dream bathroom or need a finished attic? Did you know you’ll get the highest return on investment on a master bedroom addition? Why not entertain friends and family on a new deck?

Pacific Northwest Construction, LLC does it all!

PNC president and owner, Jason Swigart, knows the issues that come up when remodeling, you’ll be glad he’s on your side as his flexibility and adaptability to meet challenges is exemplary.

Planning ahead can mean the difference between a dream or a nightmare. With PNC, you will have a leader that knows the ropes and can make sure no steps are missed. “Your dream is all but guaranteed with PNC.”

If you are inspired to remodel your home, we are here to help. It may include removing a popcorn ceiling, putting in new flooring, adding or removing walls, or even creating a new deck or patio. We have the plans, the designs, and the right team for the job.

PNC is the most established and reliable company in the Willamette Valley.

You’ll know you have hired a professional at Pacific Northwest Construction: we have a commanding presence through our work results. You’ll have a gorgeous look whatever remodeling service we provide.

What Are the Steps for Remodeling Your Home?


  • What is Your Dream? The first step is having some idea what you want to do. Make sure your dreams are realistic and affordable. Be sure your spouse and family have the same dreams; that everyone can live with the changes. Try to determine how much sacrifice and inconvenience you and the family can tolerate.
  • Do Some Basic Research. It’s easy to get an idea of what a project might cost, what your options are, and what materials are available. The simplest first step is to go down to Home Depot or Lowes, check out their materials, their services, and ask a lot of questions. There is plenty more information at your local library.
  • Determine How Much You Can Afford. Before starting a project you should determine how much you can afford to spend. You might need a home improvement loan. Find out if you qualify and for how much. Always allow for more expense that you expect up front.
  • Develop Your Plan. It will be easier to discuss your dreams with a contractor if you have an initial plan. At minimum, write down a list of things you want to do. If you can draw, try to sketch out your ideas on graph paper.
  • Select a Prospective Contractor/Project Manager. Jason Swigart of Pacific Northwest Construction will be happy to visit your home, hear what you want, check out the house, offers suggestions, then come back and present a proposal. If it’s a major project he may wish to involve an architect or other personnel. Ask for our references, or get a recommendation from a friend if possible. Always check out a contractor you may hire with the state registrar of contractors and/or the Better Business Bureau.
  • Review the Proposal. Make sure you understand that the proposal does the work you want done. Make sure all the costs and contingencies are clearly specified. If you want changes make sure everything is specified in writing including the costs.
  • Get more than One Opinion. Unless it’s a very small job, you ought to get proposals from two, if not more, contractors. Unless you are a real expert on construction, there’s no other way to feel comfortable that the price is fair and whether all the work proposed is necessary or appropriate.
  • Select the Contractor and Work Out a Contract. Select the contractor you feel best about. Don’t hesitate to negotiate about price or other issues. Do have a formal contract describing the entire project, all the costs, and warranting the work. Be sure to check that all the details are covered to avoid the unexpected later on. Make sure the contract provides contingencies if something needs to be changed going forward.
  • Building Permits. Make sure you are completely clear on what building permits are required and who will obtain them.
  • Inspect the Work in Progress. Be sure to check the work, every day if possible. Try to do it after the workers are done for the day to avoid getting in the way. If you observe things you don’t understand or don’t think is right, be sure to bring it to the manager’s attention as soon as possible when it will be easier to address.
  • End of Project. Walk through the entire project before settling up with the contractor. If there are required inspections by the city/county, have that done first. If there are glitches or problems be sure they are addressed to your satisfaction before paying in full. If there are additional tasks to be done, be sure to get it all in writing.


Flooring Options

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Countertop Options

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